Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir Blog Tour—July 22-August 23

July 22—Guest Post Fresh Fiction
July 24—Guest Post Books-n-Kisses
July 25—Guest Post Chicklit Club
July 30—Review Chick Lit Plus
July 30—Review Peeking Between the Pages
July 31—Flash Giveaway Chick Lit is Not Dead
August 1—Interview Chick Lit Central
August 5—Interview & Review I Heart Books
August 5—Review The Chronicles of a Writing Mom
August 6—Review Racing to Read
August 7—Guest Post Shaz’s Book Blog
August 8—Review Books Etc.
August 9—Review Sniffer Walk Books
August 9—Interview Get Lost in a Story
August 12—Guest Post Magical Musings
August 13—Review Paws and Print
August 14—Review Queen of the Night Reviews
August 14—Spotlight Ramblings From This Chick
August 15—Spotlight Manic Readers
August 16—Review Book Babe
August 19—Review Storm Goddess Book Reviews
August 20—Review The Book Ninja
August 20—Spotlight Chick Lit Bee
August 21—Review Stories About Love
August 22—Review Deb Deb Reviews
August 23—Review Lily Pond Reads
August 23—Interview Serena Clarke

Identity Crisis Blog Tour—March 18-April 5, 2013

March 18—The Irish in Me and My Books Novel Thoughts
March 18—Review I am a Book Addict and Proud of it
March 19—Interview Cait’s Place
March 19—Review Books and Cozy Afternoon Teas
March 20—My Cameo Appearances in Identity Crisis Mary Hughes
March 20—Review Reading Renee
March 21—Review Buttaflies and Books
March 22—Getting Published—The Luck of the Irish? It’s Raining Books
March 25—The Top Reasons I Would Get Kicked Out of the Witness Protection Program
         Ramblings From This Chick
March 25—Review Save Your Money for Books
March 26—You Are Now Entering the Federal Witness Protection Program Just Romantic Suspense
March 27—Will the Real Mona Lisa Please Smile? Fresh Fiction
March 28—My Life in the Federal Witness Protection Program Books-n-Kisses
March 28—Review SMI Book Club
March 29—Writing Outside the Box and My Comfort Zone Romancing the Book
March 29-–Interview Harlequin Junkie
April 1—My Identity Crisis Magical Musings
April 1—Review Storm Goddess Book Reviews
April 2—Review Busy Moms Book Reviews
April 3—Review Tattooed Book Reviews
April 4—Review Romance Bookworm’s Reviews
April 5—Review Toot’s Book Reviews
April 5—Review A Tasty Read Book Reviews

Under Her Spell Blog Tour—2012

October 22—Abracadabra—You’re a Published Author Magical Musings
October 23—Interview Ramblings From This Chick
October 24—Interview Get Lost in a Story
October 24—Review Chicklit Club
October 25—Interview Romance Reviews Today
October 26—Dear Newbie Author Me Romancing the Book
October 29—Writing Outside the Box Coffee Time Romance
October 30—My Memorable Firsts Romance Junkies  
October 31—Interview Cocktails and Books
October 31—Under Her Spell—The Movie Brant Flakes  
November 1—911—Help, Someone Killed My Muse! Books-n-Kisses
November 2—Crazy Little Thing Called Love, or Just Plain Crazy? Reader Girls
November 6—The Top Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Selling My First Book & Review Book Junkie
November 7—Unexpected Turning Points in Life Fresh Fiction
November 8—Questions I’ve Been Dying to Answer Thoughts in Progress
November 12—Am I There Yet? Am I There Yet? Romance Book Paradise
November 13—Book Excerpt Mary Hughes Books
November 14—Deck the Halls with Stress Balls Urban Girl Reader
November 15—Review Chick Lit Plus
November 15—Review Harlequin Junkie
November 16—How Being a Writer Has Made Me a Better Person Long and Short Reviews
November 19—Interview Manic Readers
November 20—Interview & Review Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More
November 21—My Cameo Appearances in Under Her Spell Reading Between the Wines
November 26—Deck the Halls with Stress Balls—Encore RomCon
November 27—Fake It, Don’t Bake It or Make It: A Busy Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays Chick Lit Bee